The UMIRobot is an open {hardware, software} (5+1) robotic platform developed for online and hybrid learning courses. The (under)graduate level students are divided into groups and must design a gripper and a master control.

The paper about the UMIRobot was presented at the 2023 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in Detroit


The 3D-printer-friendly files of the UMIRobot, along with instructions, are shared over at Thingiverse.

Sample master interface CAD files (by Jiawei Zhao) (link). Latest model available at thingiverse.

Sample gripper CAD files (by Jiawei Zhao) (link). Latest model available at thingiverse.



There are two main software components related to the UMIRobot.

  1. This should be installed in your Arduino: umirobot-arduino
  2. This should be installed on the computer connected to the Arduino: umirobot-py


An intercontinental teleoperation experiment between Japan and Bangladesh. Using the UMIRobot and parts designed in this class.

Past Teleoperation Challenge winners by category

Year/SemesterBest gripperBest masterSmoothest teleoperationBest presentation
2022/AutumnMechanical MustangsSleepy-Swiss WarmbloodRunning MustangsSleepy-Swiss Warmblood
2022/SpringMax-Mini RexMax-Mini RexMax-Mini RexCurious Lionhead
2021/AutumnInteligent CalicosInteligent CalicosInteligent CalicosCurious Chaussies
2021/SpringUnparalleled ShibasBeady BeaglesUnparalleled ShibasUnparalleled Shibas

Teleoperation Challenge Videos


Mechanical files: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.
Software: GPLv3.

Note: The copyright for the student’s designs remains with them.