The UMIRobot is a open {hardware, software} (5+1) robotic platform developed for online and hybrid learning courses. The (under)graduate level students are divided into groups and have to design a gripper and a master control.

An intercontinental teleoperation experiment between Japan and Bangladesh. Using the UMIRobot and parts designed in this class.

Past teleoperation challenge winners by category

Year/SemesterBest gripperBest masterSmoothest teleoperationBest presentation
2022/SpringMax-Mini RexMax-Mini RexMax-Mini RexCurious Lionhead
2021/AutumnInteligent CalicosInteligent CalicosInteligent CalicosCurious Chaussies
2021/SpringUnparalleled ShibasBeady BeaglesUnparalleled ShibasUnparalleled Shibas

2022/Spring Videos

Max-Mini Rex

Curious Lionhead

2021/Autumn Videos

Inteligent Calicos

Robotic Tabbys

Curious Chaussies


The 3D-printer-friendly files are shared over at Thingiverse.


There are two main software components related to the UMIRobot.

(A) umirobot-arduino

The Arduino example sketch must be uploaded to the Arduino connected to your UMIRobot.

  1. Install the UMIRobot Arduino library [Instructions].
  2. Upload the UMIRobot sketch to your Arduino.

(B) umirobot-py

You can interact with your UMIRobot through your computer using a python-based program. In a computer with a Python >= 3.8 enviroment:

  1. Create a venv
  2. Install the umirobot package
  3. Run the module with python3 -m umirobot
  4. Rejoice



Mechanical files: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.
Software: GPLv3.

Note: The copyright for the student’s designs remain with them.