About me

I am a Lecturer in Robotics with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. Open opportunities (if any) for Ph.D and PDRA in my group are posted on my LinkedIn, the robotics-worldwide mailing list, and UoM jobs page (when applicable).

I have a BS (2012) in Mechatronics Engineering and MS (2014) in Electronic Systems and Automation Engineering from the University of Brasilia. I obtained a PhD (2018) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tokyo.

My work has been focused on teleoperated and/or (semi-)automomous robots applied to medicine and scientific exploration. Notably

Those implementations are based on a rigourous constrained kinematic robot control framework suitable for all sorts of robots.

I also have a few works in pure image processing, mostly related to robotics, e.g. IJCARS20, ICRA20, IROS21.